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jake thinks hes so smexy! lol

lol I took this pic when I first got Jake and that was during the start of summer. Jake thinks hes so SMEXY! 😀 LOL


A 12″/18″ doll craft :D

So I had a cupcake cup in my crafting stuff and I thought to myself I wonder what I can do with this? And then it hit me, It kinda looked like a table cloth. So I Thought to myself again What can I put under this table cloth? Then it hit me, My mom had recently given me a Cap off a Liqued Laundry Detergent Bottle. Then I thought it would be cute to put a LED battery operated candle underneath.


  • Cupcake cup
  • Laundry Detergent Cap
  • LED battery operated candle (optional)
  • Glue stick (also optional)
  1. Stick Cupcake cup upside down on the bottom of the Laundry Detergent Cap. ( you may glue it down, but that is optional, I’m saying this because you might want to change out the cupcake cup with the seasons.)
  2. Stick LED battery operated Candle underneath. ( step is optional)
  3. ENJOY! 😀

If you decide to do step 2 You can use it as on of those candle lamp thingies for your 18″ doll. But you can also do step two for your 12″ dolls So they can have a side table that lights up! 😀 Should look something like the pic below. 


The Minis I made :D

Here are some minis I made! 🙂 The pullip in the box was inspired by: MyCatsASexyBeast! :3 Here’s the link to here channel:   The Iphone you are going to put on craft foam, everything else on card stock:D  You might have to down size it on Word,Sorry 😦 Talk to ya’ll later bye!Image


my Polly pocket house :)

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so this is my Polly pocket house. i’m not finished with it so i’ll keep you updated. 🙂  i’m going to give you instructions on how to make the house base.


  • other half of the elmers glue board that you have left over
  • a foam board that you can get from any local craft store
  • hot glue gun
  • paint
  1. cut foam board into two pieces
  2. then cut one half  of the board into two pieces
  3. glue the half that not in two pieces in the middle like shown
  4. then glue one of the two half of the other board into place so you will have a ceiling for the bottom room and a floor for the top room.
  5. repeat # 4 on other side
  6. let dry
  7. paint and decorate
  8. Enjoy! 🙂

P.S. i will have totorials on how to make the furniture soon! Oh, and heres a link on how to make the bathroom  oh and i put my mirror on a mini mint tin so it would be a med. cabinet  🙂


a random table my mom made :)



18″ doll room :)


here’s were i got the idea  i made a few modifacations and here’s what i got.



  • elmer’s glue foldable project board
  • spray tack glue (i got mine from the local craft store)
  • fabric or paint (optional)
  • a wide array of funiture and wall decor
  1. measure doll against board. make sure you left just enough board left so it kinda looks like an actual room.
  2. paint or cover in fabric. if you use fabric spay tack glue on the board first.
  3. let dry. 
  4. decorate. 
  5. ENJOY! 🙂
Tips for wall decor: 
i got the poster from a website called here’s the link they have a wide array of poster, photos and more! but beware the biggest size they have is barbie so your poster may be  kinda small!
the cork board i made here’s how 
  • scrap cork board (if you do not have any i got mine at a local craft store they have different shapes and sizes so i got small circle ones)
  • straight pins
  •  wire cutters
  1. set out cork. imagein how you want it to be set up.
  2. take striaght pin and cut down to siz to where it looks like a push pin.
  3. set up.
  4. VOLA! you have a cork board!
  5. the picture on it i cut out from a american girl catalog
the picture of the horses i got with a 18″ doll and thenn i took some skinny pop sickle sticks and glued then colored them so i guess it could be a window or a picture frame. or you can just print a pic oof a horse of of the computer and do the same thing

the the picture of the taj ma haul i drew that. (if you dont know waht the taj ma haul is it is a building i think in indonisa … i think im not sure. 😐 and the chick i drew too. so you can also draw wall decore or you can do what my froggy stuff did  

P.S. im sorry for any spelling errors! 



how to make this uber cute 18 inch doll outfit!!!!! :)


so today i was rummaging through the scrap fabric my aunt gave me. i made this super cut doll outfit out of some fabric. 


  • needle and thread
  • old finger less glove(got mine from dirt cheap in MS but they were both left gloves so i turned it into doll clothes) 
  • white tulle
  • halloween purple tulle(i got mine in the costume supplies at the fabric store)
  • scissors
  • feather hair clip exstinsion (optional)
  • marker
  • white fake fur
  •  elastic hair head band  

well i got the tutorial on how to make the tutu orginally from miss wella1510 on youtube but it seems she no longer has that video up so i’ll have to tell you step by step.Image

  1. cut long strips of  white and purple tulle. 
  2. take a strip at a time and tie onto the head band cuntinue to do that until you get the disired fullness.

for the dress

  1. take the wrist and back of the hand part of the fingerless glove and cut it off .
  2. sew the parts that have been cut so they wont unravel.
  3. slip it on to your doll.

for the shrug

  1. cut a long strip of purple tulle and put behind her neck.
  2. then each end under her arms and tie in the back you may tie it in a bow if you want.

for the shoes 

  1. take the fur fold it in half.
  2. take her foot and  trace the out side of it to were there just enough room for seem allowence.then repet for other foot.
  3. then sew the boot.

the next step is opional

  1. do her hair in an up do
  2. put in the hair clip 


ENJOY!!! 🙂